Double Clutching – A perfect Way to Prolong the Life of Your Truck

Do you know you can protect your gear selector teeth and save by just practicing a simple clutching technique? It is called double clutching.

It is of no doubt the gear system is an important part of your truck. A truck gear could be expensive and repairing it may cause a little fortune. Of course, nothing lasts forever. But you can make your gear last longer by practicing a more efficient gear changing technique. So, how is double clutching done?

Double clutching simply means depressing the clutch twice each time you want to change from one gear to another. It applies only to manually transmitted vehicles.

Let us assume that you are in Gear three and you want to change to a higher gear, don’t change directly from three to four. First depress the clutch and change your gear from three to neutral. Then depress the clutch again and change from neutral to four.

How Does Double Clutching Help?

When you put your gear in neutral it will slow down or speed up your car engine. This will make the engine speed to synchronize with the gear speed. Invariable, the gear selector teeth will fit perfectly and this will prevent wear and tears. It will also make the gear transmission to be smooth. Otherwise, if you change the gear directly with a single clutching, the engine speed and the gear speed may differ and the transmission will not be smooth. Also, the gear teeth will not mesh perfectly and will definitely lead to wears and tears. If this occurs frequently it will not be long that you will be in need of a truck repair service.

Do You Need Double Clutching in All Vehicles?

Certainly no. Not even all vehicles with manual transmission require double clutching. The aim of double clutching is to synchronize the engine speed and the gear teeth. Luckily, today we have many vehicles that come with a synchronizer. Such vehicles have devices that will synchronize the engine speed and the gear speed. If your vehicle has the device you may not need to depress your gear twice before you change your gear. Unfortunately, the synchronizer may have a little effect on big trucks as they usually come with multiple gears. Hence as most of us will be driving big trucks with many gears then we will still need to practice double clutching.

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