The Importance of Changing Truck Oil Regularly

As a truck driver, you surely know you must change your truck oil periodically. This has many advantages and also prevents many unwanted situations. Oil helps to reduce friction in the moving parts of the engine, it cools down the temperature as the engine gets hot and allow smooth driving. Hence, changing your oil at the regular interval will ensure your engine doesn’t wear fast, therefore, preserving its lifespan.

Reduction of friction by regularly changing your truck oil will also enhance a smooth driving experience. And you can be sure that your engine doesn’t get too hot when you go on a long journey. However, it is essential that you use the right oil as there are different types of oils available in the market. So which one is the right one?

Types of Oil for Your Truck Engine

There are two major types of oil that are commonly used. They are conventional oil and synthetic oil. We will discuss the features, benefits, and limitations of each next.

  • The Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is a hydrocarbon, made from petroleum. It melts smoothly, it is excellent in reducing friction and perfect for vehicles with rough engine parts. That means this type of oil is okay for new vehicles and trucks. Unfortunately, conventional oil contributes a lot to environmental pollution.

  • The Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil on the other hand is artificially made and the pollution factor is greatly reduced. Although this type of oil also produces toxic gases, it is not as much as that of the conventional oil. Apart from causing less pollution, synthetic oil can also withstand a high temperature. Hence it is good for your truck if you are driving non-stop for a long time. Synthetic oil has all the other benefits of conventional oil. It reduces friction perfectly and cools down the engine temperature. However, if you use synthetic oil, you will need to change the oil frequently. That means you will spend more money on synthetic oil than on conventional oil

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