Mistakes New Drivers Should Avoid

Truck driving is a profession in which any mistake can be dangerous and cause several losses. As a result, mistakes should be avoided as much as possible. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or not.

As a new driver, there are so many obstacles you will come across that will torment you. It won’t be easy. However, above all, you have to make sure that you remain focused towards the goal and working towards it no matter the conditions.

The CDL courses are a huge challenge that you have to handle for you to be competent enough to get on the road. No level is easy when doing CDL. Instead, as you advance, the journey becomes tough.

Think about managing a truck seventy foot in length and weighing up to 80,000 pounds through unknown country roads. In addition, you have to make the delivery on time and safe. The chances for blunders and other errors are very high.

Plan in advance

Planning is a very crucial part of any driver. However, for a truck driver, it is even more demanding. You do not just plan for the known, you also plan for the unknown. Finding yourself through unfamiliar roads and some blocked paths is another level of challenge.

If you fail to plan for your route, you will be hit by many surprises that may make it difficult for you to accomplish your mission which is the safe delivery of the cargo.

Are the roads well made? Any abnormal factors on the road that may make you spend a night or more on the road alone? Do you have mechanisms to enable you to tackle anything on the road? When do you expect to arrive?

Checking truck mechanical factors

A good truck driver must know his/her truck mechanical components as much as possible. If you are not able to know deeper parts, at least make sure that you know the common parts that may fail or require attention more often.

Knowing your truck’s mechanical factors, it means that you understand its condition and behaviour. This means that you will not be caught by surprise in case of anything.

Before you take upon a journey, make sure you thoroughly inspect your truck to make sure it is in good shape.

Ask what you do not know.

There is no harm in asking what you do not know. Instead, it helps you figure out so much about an issue instead of assuming and doing it the wrong way. This is a problem that is with many new truck drivers, they are not courageous enough to ask whenever something is bothering them.

It does not matter what condition you are in. Make sure that you consult your instructor with questions you have no answers to. Whether it is about handling the truck, mechanical issues, travel factors, they all matter in ensuring that you have a safe and successful delivery.

When it comes to asking, even your fellow drivers can be helpful in case you are stranded.

Do not neglect your health

Your health is very crucial. When you become a truck driver, there are harsh conditions, and the journey will put pressure on your body.

This means that you have to remain healthy all the time. Any issue with your health can make you make a mistake that can be very expensive or even fatal.

Neglecting Safety

Safety when driving a truck is very crucial. It does not matter how many protocols you have to follow to make sure that all safety measures are taken. Following all the safety protocols determines whether you will reach your destination safe and alive. It also determines your tomorrow.


The fact that you recently received a CDL license does not mean that you are the best on the road. You still need to take everything slow and gain experience over time.

Overconfidence is something that kills many drivers’ careers. Be patient and do everything as required. It is not a competition, after all.

Being Disorganized

The moment you become disorganized, everything becomes a mess. You will not be able to achieve any of your goals.

Being disorganized means, you can no longer keep time, assess your trip or even plan for it well.