Increase Your Truck Efficiency

Trucks usually go on a relatively long trip. But whether you are traveling across the country or just a few miles, it is always good to properly check your truck before embarking on a journey. A proper check will ensure your truck does not develop a fault in the middle of your journey and cause you embarrassment, delay, and even accident.

While going to a competent truck repair shop is always the best, there are some observations and repairs you may do yourself.

Ensure Your Tires Are Okay

Everybody knows how to check tires, but many people usually forget to pay attention to this important obligation. Tires are the first thing you must watch out for before you take your truck on a trip. Because of the heavy loads that trucks used to carry, and the long journeys they normally go, there is always a lot of pressure on their tires. Check if any tire has worn out, is not deflated, or has a puncture. You must check them one by one and if a single one is not okay do not ignore it. Repair it or change it immediately so that t won’t damage others. If you go on a trip with a damaged tire you are taking a dangerous risk.

Check Your Oil Regularly

Engine oil is also an important thing to check regularly. You must change your oil after traveling 3000 miles. If you don’t travel that much in three months you must still change the oil. But you don’t even have to wait 3000 miles or three months before you check your oil level. You must check it each time you want to go on a trip. So, with your dipstick, observe the engine oil level and if it is low, add more to it. If you feel your oil needs changing, then drain the one left and put in a new one. If you can’t do it yourself, then visit your mechanic.

How We Can Help You

At AF Mobile, we offer professional truck repair services. If you are anywhere around Sacramento, you can contact us for all services related to maintenance, servicing, repair, and performance optimization of your truck. We have been in the business for a long time and have good experience in the job. You can trust us to help you prolong the service year of your truck. Call us today on this phone number: (916) 912-7912