How To Maximize Your Truck Driver Income

For drivers who wish to earn more money, they can join increment and bonus programs. Picking a company the has great benefits is a great way to on more money when driving trucks. Doing at strip things when you are driving for a company can also increase your pay based on if you’re willing to go beyond measures. A truck driver who is skilled at driving with 0 safety violations will earn more income than drivers with safety violations.

When you focus on driving and safety on the road and keeping your mileage as it should be, it can play a big factor and the amount of income increase you can make when driving for a company. Of course, CDL instructors that train new truck drivers can earn more income than regular drivers, as much as $3175 more. Being a CDL instructor can make $300 per week for a month to train CDL permit students, $500 when a student passes their CDL test and $875 if they pass on their 1st try.

If a student stays with the company for 6 months, $300 of extra income will go to the CDL instructor. If a student becomes a lead driver, the CDL instructor may earn $500 and $300 if the student stays with the company after one year. There are also referral programs a truck driver can do to earn extra income.

The referral program rewards a driver on a per load, every 3 drivers, or a six months basis. Some companies will increase your income by $1000 when you refer 3 drivers who are with the company for 6 months And 1/4 cpm for each mile driver that you refer runs after 6 months. You can maximize your truck driver income by managing your time well, by getting your load to and from a destination on time.
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