What to Expect During Your First Year of Driving

Getting your CDL is very exciting as well as an awesome accomplishment in life. You’re probably anxious to learn about the world of driving and what kind of things you should expect during your first year of driving. Here are a few tips to ease your mind and to get you on your way.

The more information you have on what to expect during your first year of trucking will help you get further along. Veteran drivers typically tell the newbies that your first year will make or break you and that you should just be ready for the experience.

You may be driving difficult routes due to the fact that you are a rookie and it’s up to you to keep driving and driving to gain experience. More experience leads to better jobs. You should expect to be assigned a driving partner or trainer of some sort. This does not always happen but you should be prepared for it. Keep an open mind and remember that an experienced driver can share a lot of wisdom and tips with you.

Your new trucking journey may consist of a new budget for you. For the time being, you should get yourself a cooler, buy your own food and try not to eat at the overpriced truck stops. Those prices can really add up faster than you can imagine. You should also give yourself timed breaks to get out for a little exercise. This helps keep your mind fresh, to keep your body active and to avoid any restlessness while driving. There are many ways to keep yourself busy and engaged during your frequent road trips.

You can surely listen to educational podcasts and music, there are many options available online to engage listeners. By utilizing these tips together, your first year of driving will most likely be more smooth than others. Relax and enjoy your transition.