Your First Day on the Job

Your First Day on the Job

There is always the first time, and most of the time, it turns out to be the hardest time. As a trucker, your first day alone on the road is usually a difficult day. Although you would have been waiting for it. You’ve learned the skills, you’ve got all the instructions, and you are ready. You are eager to go on your first trip alone. So when the day comes to deliver your first load, it will first seem a happy day, then phew, you feel you are no longer ready. Everything you had learned, everything you had know may just disappear like bubbles. But don’t worry, you are not alone.

It happened to all of us. Ask me, and I will tell you how my confidence suddenly disappeared on my first day on the job. I felt like I couldn’t do this alone. If I have had my way, I would have called he instructor to sit beside me

But You Have the Road All to Yourself

Nothing thrills like facing the open road. I mean, facing the road alone. Going solo many miles across the nation. And you are not going in a car but in a rig. Perhaps you are the only one that sees the length of what you are driving as pride. Others see it as a disturbance, especially when you are turning. But in reality, it is a pretty lot of jobs.

Whatever happens on the road, understand that is why you are a trucker. That is why you are earning our paycheck. We all experience time things on our first days. Should we talk about how unexpected traffic hold up delay the arrival time, or how we mistakenly go the wrong route? People may laugh at you or see you as a clown, but it all goes down to the same principle. Remember why you are a trucker.

Therefore focus on how to manage your rig, get to your destination on time, and make your delivery in peace.

Be Alone But not Alone

But even when you face the road alone, never be alone. It is one of what kept me going. As you begin your career in trucking, no matter how much you know, there will be many things you need help for. If you don’t know, don’t pretend as if you do.

Either when you drive or when you park, it sometimes looks like you are the only one that needs assistance. Others seem to know what they are doing. Don’t worry about that. Trust me, you are not alone.

So equip yourself with the phone numbers of other trucks. You never can tell when you will need them. Being in the community of other truckers means you are not alone even as you face the lonely road

So drive carefully, arrive in one piece. Make your delivery and get ready for the next trip. The next pay cheque. I wish you all the best.

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