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When to Service Your Truck’s Steering and Suspension Systems

As a truck driver, you probably already know how essential it is to have regular upkeep of your vehicle. There are many systems interacting that allow such a big piece of machinery to operate. If a problem occurs at any point, it can affect other areas and create major problems.

One of the most critical components to have serviced is the steering and suspension system. When this system is not working properly, the consequences can be not only expensive but even dire. Avoid accidents and other problems by making sure your steering and suspension is up to snuff.

What do the steering and suspension systems do?

The steering and suspension systems work in tandem with one another. Their purpose is to allow you to navigate the truck smoothly.

The steering system is the most self-explanatory. It allows you to steer the truck, and many small components are involved to make this work.

The suspension system is what keeps the truck tires firmly grounded. Shock absorbers keep you from feeling every bump in the road and add to your level of comfort. If you are traveling long distances, you will know that this is not just a convenience but a necessity.

What are some tell-tale signs that maintenance is needed?

Having your truck checked for proper steering and suspension operation is a key part of preventative care. It is much better to have things looked at ahead of time, rather than waiting for the truck to tell you. That is why regular visits to experts at our Sacramento truck repair shop are essential.

 Even if you are in-between visits, there are some warning signs that can let you know internal damage exists and needs to be cared for.

  • Uneven rides

If something is off with your steering and suspension, the most obvious clue is that things feel wrong when you are driving. The alignment may be off and pulling the truck heavily in a certain direction. When you are moving straight, the wheel might be in an off-kilter position. You should also look out for a feeling of shakiness or looseness from the wheel.

Symptoms of suspension issues could manifest in feeling like your drive is not as smooth. You may experience the front of the truck nose-diving toward the ground.

  • Excessive wear

If your tires look like they have seen better days well before they should, this could be a sign that all is not right with your alignment. The constant pull can damage your tires.

Incorrect alignment can also affect your gas mileage. You may notice yourself needing gas more frequently than usual.

  • Unusual noises

Many small components are converging to make the steering and suspension systems work. If something is off, you may hear it first. Listen for sounds that are out of the norm, like squeaking or grinding. This can indicate that those elements are not working properly.

There are several ways you can test your car to identify whether deeper problems are lurking. Observing any leaks or obvious damage under the hood can help you determine the problem.

Ultimately, the best way to not only diagnose but also repair your truck before further damage occurs is to take it to our trusted truck repair shop in Sacramento. Our technicians have the expertise to look into things you may not be aware of. When you don’t have the ability to move, our mobile truck repair shop can travel anywhere in the Sacramento area to make the repairs.

Trouble with steering and suspension could be a cause for discomfort on the road or even accidents. Now that you know how vital it is to check these systems, you can avoid having these problems when you are driving.

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