Truck Trailer Maintenance Tips

Truck Trailer Maintenance Tips

Taking the correct steps to make sure your trailer is up to the highest quality of maintenance is the most important part of being a truck driver. Making a check list is highly recommended before going on the road with your trailer to ensure safety for you and those on the road as well as making sure your trailer has a longer life span with the help of the importance of maintenance.

1. Maintaining the correct amount of tire pressure, during this process you should always check your trailer manuals to be sure your tires have the right amount of tire pressure. Tire pressure monitoring and examining your tires inflation systems is the best way to ensure your trailer and you are safe to travel on the road. Also keeping in mind to check all parts of the inflation system as well as checking the shut off valve is correct in regard to the way your trailer’s manuals state and show. Many experienced truck drivers recommend checking your tires at least every trip you make as well as checking the power fuse every month.

2. Inspecting your trailer’s suspensions should always come next with your maintenance check list, checking your suspensions for abnormal tears or cracks stemming from heat on the air springs are one of the most important ways to keep your trailer up to the standard level and recommended levels needed in order to properly use your semi-truck.

3. Making sure your using the correct amount of lube for your truck to ensure your truck operates properly and effectively. Many experienced truck drivers recommend getting underneath your trailer to double check and inspect every aspect of your truck’s undercarriage is important before heading to your next trip and afterwards. Making sure you choose the correct type of grease and the correct amount of grease is a key factor with making sure old debris are gone.

4. Also checking your trailer brakes is another big factor in making sure your trailer is maintained properly. Checking your trailer’s drum conditions should also be done during this process, always making sure the drums have enough material on them to maintain them till your next maintenance inspections on your next trip.

5. Making sure you follow the correct guidelines and maintenance lists for your trailer will keep you from being stuck on the side of the road or not being able to deliver your trailer on time.

6. Keep in mind it’s not just the outside of the trailer you should maintain, but also the inside which is important as well. Checking for rips, cracks or leaks will reassure you that your cargo is safe and out of harm and is protected from moisture damage, ruining your cargo.

7. Make sure all your winches, tiedown straps, chains, and any other outside materials are properly closed and tied down or stored away. Also maintaining the cleanliness of all your chains, straps and winches as well as greasing them properly.

8. Double checking everything on your maintenance list should always be done once or twice, ensuring the safety of the trailer as well as yourself.

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