Tips for Driving in Rush Hour Traffic

We all experience it. Gridlocked traffic, inconsiderate mergers, red lights as far as the eye can see, and, yet, there is nothing more frustrating than the moment you realize, “I’m stuck in rush hour traffic!” The hairs stand up on the back of your neck. The radio just isn’t playing the right tunes, and, suddenly, your mobile network is buffering your favorite podcast. Rush hour happens every weekday, holiday, and event times across the nation. How, then, can one cope with rush-hour? Well, here are three tips to consider when your drive time may include you having to endure the inconvenience of rush hour traffic.

Alternate Modes of Traveling
There’s more than one way to reach a destination. Consider ride-sharing or mass transportation to complete your trip. I find it relaxing to read a book the old fashion way, allowing the pages to visit the space between my fingertips as I enjoy the thoughts and words of one of my favorite authors.

Plan to visit a person or place near your destination
Consider visiting a friend, coffee shop, or boutique near where you are going. Leave earlier than the time your local rush hour traffic began. If you’re getting off work and are on the way home, of course, this may not be an option. In this case, you may have to get more creative.

Download your favorite media over steady Wi-Fi
Here is my favorite. I download films, podcasts, and music from various movies and social media sites. If you have a subscription with YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime videos, you can download music and movies and save it to watch for later. We don’t want you watching movies in rush hour traffic, and if you have the kids in the car, sometimes a video isn’t a bad idea to pass the time.

Rush hour traffic can get messy and sometimes dangerous. The key to endurance is patience and preparation. Since we know what lies ahead, why not make the most of it and prepare for the journey in advance. Sing along to your favorite music, catch up on the news, practice for a presentation. Whatever you do, take your time, watch the road, and make it home safely.

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