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Thermo King Alarm Codes Troubleshooting

Thermo King Alarm Codes Troubleshooting

A guide for troubleshooting alarm codes or fault codes on trailer and truck mounted Thermo King refrigeration units.

This guide lists all the Thermo King alarm codes that could go off on a Thermo King unit. These alarm codes will appear on straight truck refrigeration units and trailer refrigeration units. Just scroll down this page to find out what your alarm code means. If you need help further troubleshooting your Thermo King unit, visit the Mobile Reefer Repair in Sacramento,CA.

Thermo King Alarm Code & Description:

204 issue redundant discharge air sensor

203 issue with redundant return air sensor

137 issue with damper motor heater output

136 issue with spare digital outputs

135 issue with spare digital inputs

134 controller power on hours

133 total unit run time maint reminder # 2

132 total unit run time maint reminder # 1

131 engine run time maint reminder # 2

130 engine run time maint reminder # 1

129 engine run time maint reminder # 2

128 engine run time maint reminder # 1

127 setpoint not entered

126 issue with back pressure regulator

125 issue with tank level sensor

124 issue with evap coil outlet temp sensor

123 issue with evap coil inlet temp sensor

122 issue with diesel/electric circuit

121 issue with pmw liquid injection circuit

120 issue with alternator excite circuit

119 reserved for cr

118 auto switch from electric to diesel

117 auto switch from diesel to electric

116 issue with high pressure cut in switch

115 issue with high pressure cut out switch

114 multiple alarms- can not run

113 issue with elerctric heat circuit

112 issue with remote fans

111 unit not configured correctly

110 issue with suction line sol circuit

109 issue with high discharge pressure sensor

108 door open timeout

107 issue with condeensor inlet sol circuit

106 issue with purge valve circuit

105 issue with receiver tank press sol circuit

104 issue with remote fan speed

103 low heater fuel level

102 low evaporator coil temperature

101 controlling on evap coil outlet temp

100 heater fan failure

99 high compressor pressure ratio

98 issue with fuel level sensor

97 failed remote return air sensor

96 low fuel level

95 issue with loader # 2 circuit

94 issue with loader # 1 circuit

93 low compressor suction pressure

92 sensor grades not set

91 issue with electric ready input

90 electric overload

89 issue with electronic throttling valve circuit

88 reserved for cr

87 issue with suction pressure sensor

86 issue with discharge pressure sensor

85 forced unit operation

84 restart null

83 low engine coolant temp

82 high compressor temp shutdown

81 high compressor temp

80 issue with compressor temp sensor

79 internal data logger overflow

78 data log eprom failure

77 controller eprom check sum faliure

76 controller eprom failure

75 controller ram failure

74 controlleer reset to defaults

73 hourmeter 6 exceeds set time limit

72 hourmeter exceeeds set time limit

71 hourmeter 4 exceeds set time limit

70 hourmeter failure

69 issue with remagnetization circuit

68 internal controller fault code

67 issue with liquid line solenoid circuit

66 low engine oil level

65 abnormol temperature differential

64 pretrip reminder

63 engine or vapor motor stopped

62 ammeter out calibration

61 low battery voltage

60 issue with boost circuit

59 issue with condenser fan high speed

58 issue with condenser fan low speed

57 issue with evaportor fan high speed

56 issue with evaportor fan low speed

55 issue with engine speeds

54 test mode timeout

53 issue with economizer valve circuit

52 issue with heat circuit

51 issue with shutdown circuit

50 reset clock

49 reserved for cr

48 issue with belts or clutch

47 remote sensor shutdown

46 issue with air flow

45 issue with hot gas or hot gas bypass circuit

44 issue with fuel syatem

43 unit forced to low speed modulation

42 unit forced to low speed

41 issue with engine coolant temp

40 issue with high speed circuit

39 issue with water valve circuit

38 electric phase reversed

37 issue with engine coolant level

36 electric motor failed to run

35 issue with run relay circuit

34 issue with modulation circuit

33 issue with engine rpm

32 refrigeration capacity low

31 issue with oil pressure switch

29 defrost damper circuit issue with

28 pretip or self check abort

27 vapor motor rpm high (cr)

26 issue with refrigeration capacity

25 alternator check

24 heating cycle fault

23 cooling cycle fault

22 heating cycle fault

21 cooling cycle check

20 engine ( vapor motor cr) failed to start

19 low engine oil pressure

18 high engine coolant temperature

17 engine failed to crank

16 manual start not completed

15 issue with glow plugs or intake air heater

14 defrosat terminate by time

13 sensor check

12 sensor or digtal input shutdown

11 unit controlling on alternate sensor

10 high discharge pressure (or temp)

09 high evaporator temperature

08 unit running in coil sensor

07 issue with engine rpm sensor

06 issue with coolant temp sensor

05 issue with amibent temp sensor

04 issue with discharge air sensor

03 issue with return air sensor

02 issue with evaporator coil sensor

01 microprocessor power up reset

00 no alarms exist


Information for this article was sourced from Transport Refrigeration website.

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