The Trucking Industry Is Booming– Here’s Why

 The recent year and half have wrought a lot of changes, but not all them have been negative. One of the silver linings of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a boom within the trucking industry. Of course, it wasn’t just the pandemic itself, but a perfect storm of other factors that worked together to grow the trucking industry overnight. We’re taking a look at the reasons for this sudden growth so that you can take advantage of the benefits that come along with increased demand for land transport.

Endless E-Commerce

During recommended quarantine periods across the U.S. , it was impossible for consumers to make their typical purchase in store. Sites like Amazon, food subscription services, and general online orders became many people’s only lifeline to things they needed. Container imports increased 23%, as overall consumer spending went up nearly 10%. More containers and products meant (and means!) a higher demand for truckers.

New Infrastructure

There has been a lot of talk in the political sphere about a new trillion-dollar infrastructure deal–but what does this mean for truckers? If the bill succeeds it will mean a massive increase in construction materials and goods being delivered via trucks. Everything from beams and pipes to new components for electrical grids are included within the bill, covering a wide range of products that need moving across the country.

Trucker Shortage

The pandemic’s effect on typical work cannot be understated­– millions of workers were faced with the loss of their job, while others couldn’t work due to quarantine restrictions. For truckers however, the problem stemmed not from an inability to work, but rather for a sharp increase in the amount of work to be done. So much work, in fact, that some companies couldn’t find enough employees to get their shipments out on time, hence a record number of delays. While more work isn’t always a good thing, as in the aforementioned employee shortages, in this case it did mean that many truck drivers saw or will see a possible increase in pay.

Affordable Truck Repair knows that many companies are feeling strain from the sudden influx of goods without the employees to transport them, which is why we’re dedicated to helping fleets stay on the road and fix problems before they turn into costly delays. As business continues booming, we will be here to make sure that your vehicles stay strong so that you can do the job we need most right now.

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