Starting & Pre-trip guide for Trailer Carrier Refrigeration Unit X4

Trailer Carrier Refrigeration Unit Starting Instructions


  1. Place the start/stop switch in run position. Switch is located near the bottom right of the LCD screen.
  2. The system will present hour meters and language selection or will automatically start the trailer refrigeration unit (depends on the configurations set).
  3. If the work “modified” or “active” is displayed on the unit display, then your unit is equipped with Intelliset. Nothing else needs to be done to start the unit. However, if the display on your unit is not displaying “modified” or “active”, then proceed to the pretrip instructions below.

Trouble Shooting your refrigeration system.

If LCD does not illuminate after the start/stop switch is place into run position, then check the following:

  1. Blown Fuse(s)
  2. Battery Voltage
  3. Check all harness connections to all the units modules

Pre-trip is a series of tests run on the refrigeration unit before starting operations. This test is designed to detect any failures in refrigeration unit before it goes out in the field.

  1. With the trailer refrigeration unit powered up, press the menu key until “pretrip” is shown on the bottom of the display.
  2. Press the pretrip softkey (below the display) to display the pretrip options.
  3. Select the “start pretrip” option by pressing the “=” option. Pretrip will begin and the status will be displayed on the screen NOTE: During pretrip, alarm light will illuminate to indicate there is no temperature control.
    1. (optional) Anytime during the pretrip cycle, the user can press the softkey “user data” which will display information about the refrigeration sensors, refrigeration system, and engine.
  4. During pretrip 1, confirm that both lights on the light bar are illuminated. During pretrip test 2, verify that the Autofresh air port opens and closes, and that the buzzer is energized.
  5. Pretrip will run for 7 to 15 mins. Once the pretrip is done, one of these messages will be displayed “Pretrip failed and complete” or “pretrip pass” “pretrip failed in test (insert test)”
  6. Press “view alarms” or “test results” softkeys to view current alarms or the pretrip test results respectfully.

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