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Fleet Inspections

We give you the peace of mind that your truck fleet is in good hands. Our technicians perform comprehensive fleet inspections including DOT, BIT, and the annual inspections for your trucking fleet. Our experienced technicians will come to your location to perform onsite inspections on your fleet. We can perform inspection on both Trucks and buses. 

Fleet Maintenance

Our mechanics are trained to deliver the highest quality commercial fleet service. We provide comprehensive diagnostics and repair services at your facility. Our services range from a simple air brake repair down to complex Thermo King refrigerated trailer unit overhaul.

Keeping Your Business Rolling with Reliable Maintenance and Repairs

At Affordable Truck Repair, we recognize the critical role commercial trucks play in the success of your business. Our Truck Fleet Service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your fleet, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions to keep your trucks on the road and your operations running smoothly.

Our Commitment to Your Fleet's Performance:

  1. Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance is the key to preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring the longevity of your fleet. Our scheduled maintenance programs cover everything from oil changes and fluid checks to tire rotations, keeping your trucks in optimal condition.

  2. Emergency Repairs: Breakdowns can happen at the most inconvenient times. Our fleet service includes 24/6 emergency repairs, minimizing downtime and getting your trucks back on the road swiftly. We understand the importance of prompt solutions in the world of logistics.

  3. Advanced Diagnostics: Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to identify issues quickly and accurately. This enables us to provide efficient and precise repairs, reducing the time your trucks spend off the road.

  4. Comprehensive Repairs: Whether it's engine troubles, transmission issues, brake repairs, or any other mechanical problem, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of repairs for commercial trucks. From single trucks to entire fleets, we've got you covered.

  5. Preventative Maintenance Programs: Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to address potential issues before they become major problems. By staying proactive, we help you avoid costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your fleet.

  6. Fleet Inspections: We conduct thorough fleet inspections to identify any existing or potential issues. This comprehensive approach allows us to create tailored maintenance plans and ensure the safety and compliance of your vehicles.

  7. Transparent Communication: We understand the importance of clear communication when it comes to your fleet. Our team provides transparent and detailed explanations of the maintenance and repairs needed, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business.

  8. Cost-Effective Solutions: Our fleet services are designed to be cost-effective, offering competitive rates without compromising on quality. We work with your budget to deliver the best value for your maintenance and repair needs.

At Affordable Truck Repair, we take pride in being your reliable partner in maintaining and servicing your truck fleet. Whether you operate a small fleet or manage an extensive logistics network, our Truck Fleet Service is dedicated to keeping your business rolling. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your fleet.

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