Prepare your RV & Camper for a Road Trip

RV Camper Service | Prepare your RV & Camper for a Road Trip

Vacation is No Time for a Breakdown!

You’ve worked hard: saving and planning to get everything in order so you can hit the road for a much-needed vacation in your RV.  After you’ve packed all the supplies and loaded up the kids, the last thing you want is mechanical trouble.  Having an RV towed and repaired can be very expensive and frustrating.  Capital Diesel Mobile RV Repair helps you avoid the hassle and cost of towing your rig when those roadside problems arise, so you can get back to enjoying your road trip.

Before You Hit the Road in Your RV

RV owners should understand the basic systems of their unit and schedule preventative care and maintenance.  Keep your owner manuals and service records handy, as well.  It’s a good idea to do a walk-around inspection of your RV each time you head out.  Pay attention to any leaks, check that all lights are clean and working properly, and measure tire pressure and look for any bulges or uneven tread wear.  Don’t forget the spare tire!  Keep fire extinguishers up to date and have safety and first aid kits ready for when emergencies do happen.

When Trouble Pulls You Over

Capital Diesel Mobile RV Repair is your Sacramento source for roadside service.  Available 24/7, even on holidays, our company provides mobile repair services for RVs, Campers, Buses, and Motor Coaches.  Give us a call (regardless of the weather conditions) and a certified mechanic will be quickly dispatched to the site of your breakdown – with no towing required.   We handle repairs to most, if not all, commercial vehicle components within a service area that covers a 60-mile radius around Sacramento.

RV Tire Repair and Replacement

A tire blowing out while driving your RV at highway speeds can be both dangerous and costly; it’s our number one RV roadside assistance call.  Capital Diesel carries most sizes and some of the best brands of tires in the industry, including Michelin, Falken, and Double Coin tires.   You’ll be back on the road in no time, safely motoring along – without a big towing bill!

Call Affordable Mobile Service to Save Time and Money on Roadside RV Repairs!

Capital Diesel technicians can make repairs to many parts of your RV, from replacing an axle to handling plumbing and air-conditioning systems, as well as general automotive needs.  Call us to check and repair plumbing leaks, bad brakes, electrical & lighting systems, starting & charging problems, awning repairs, and much more.  We are your Sacramento experts for roadside RV services – let us get you back on the highway!



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