5 Common Thermo King or Carrier Reefer Unit Failures and How to Find Them

Are you transporting refrigerated freight? Here’s what to do before you leave to make sure you don’t arrive at your destination with spoiled cargo.
How to Check Your Refrigeration Unit?
To keep your unit from losing its cool, here’s a short checklist of common mechanical failures to look for in your reefer unit.

1. Make sure there’s no damage to the chute.
Sometimes the air chute gets blocked or damaged from tall cargo or pallets, so it’s important to make sure it isn’t damaged.

2. Check door seals for air leaks and poor insulation.
If air is getting out, then chances are, your load isn’t staying cool. Make sure your doors are properly sealed and that there are no air leaks before making your trip.

3. Verify that the temperature monitoring gear is working properly.
Check the monitoring gear for signs of damage or excess wear. This equipment is important for ensuring you and dispatch are aware of temperature conditions for your cargo at all times.

4. Ensure you’re using the proper temperature settings for your load.
Sometimes, the fault comes down to operator error. Check the bill of lading to ensure the temperature meets your current cargo’s needs.

5. Check for temperature fluctuations.
Finally, keep an eye for fluctuations in your reefer unit. This could be a sign of a larger HVAC system failure. It could also be from a frozen coil or the system trying to keep up with poor air circulation.

Stay Aware and Keep Your Reefer Maintained
It’s always important to report these issues ahead of time when you spot them. However, nothing beats regular maintenance to prevent your reefer unit from malfunctioning while on the road.
Use these tips to make sure you never lose your cool again.

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