Money Saving Tips for Truck Drivers

This period makes saving money difficult for truck drivers because diesel prices are so high, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding new ways to optimize your gas and save money in the long run.

One way truckers can save money is by driving at a steady mph under 60mph. Driving at 55-60 miles per hour helps to limit the amount of gas that is unnecessarily wasted. Additionally, driving between 50-55 mph in headwind is also a great way to save money because headwind is “hard on engine efficiency,” so limiting the amount of diesel wasted is key.

Another way to save money is by lowering the thermostat in the truck. Lowering the engines thermostat increases a sense of temperature control, and saves the diesel fueling/ contributing to the temperature.

Making sure your truck is in good condition also helps save money on diesel; Ensuring that your truck tires are fully inflated also helps in saving gas, because the truck can cover more miles with sturdy, inflated tires than with faulty tires.

There are also ways to save money on diesel that do not have to do with the vehicle itself! Finding programs designed for providing benefits for truck drivers are a great way to save money over time. Point programs offer discounts to truck drivers when they come to truck stops, and utilizing this benefit to your advantage can save a great deal of money. Also, shopping at the price shop prior to your trip can also help save money over time.

Other techniques to save diesel involve changing your fueling habits. One ingenious technique, specifically for truck drivers living in, or driving through, a cold region is to mix fuel additive with the diesel in order to prevent the possibility of the diesel freezing. Another way is to add a bottle of cleaner to the truck fuel each month, to “prolong engine life.”

Lastly, changing how much weight your truck carries can save diesel. If you know you are taking your truck on a long drive, limiting the weights on the truck would help save the amount of diesel used on the trip.

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