Maximizing Comfort in a Trucker’s Lifestyle

A trucker’s life is one of many things: loneliness, silence, lucrative amounts of money, and most significantly, discomfort. You’re stuck in a position for hours on end with nothing but the lonely highways and the blurring of verdant nature passing you by. Depression and developed frustration are some of the most prevalent things you hear from truckers, and an upward spike in the rate of trucker’s suicides in the United States testify that.

There are plentiful amounts of psychological setbacks that come with being a trucker, and considering the hours spent at work, there’s barely any time for self-care and preservation, especially not group therapy and counseling. 

Here are some tips to keep positivity and comfort an all time high when on a long trip in your truck.

  • Keep in touch with friends and family. A prime example of the easiest way to keep a positive mindset is to maintain a connection with those you hold dear in your heart throughout the trip. Try developing a routine of having video conferences with the people you love, but make sure not to overindulge yourself, you have to keep your eyes on the road! Maybe opt to call them via voice when you’re driving, and via video if you’re on break or having a meal.
  • Keep your health in check. Exercise, though scarce in the life of a trucker considering their long hours is an absolute necessity for sure. Make sure to take time to stretch when break time is afforded and eating rich and healthy food. Your body is your livelihood, so make sure to watch over it intently! A healthy physical body is also directly connected to a healthy mindset, as exercise releases a hormone called endorphins which help in creating the feeling of happiness. 
  • Make sure you get enough sleep. Before you go on a long drive, sleep is an absolute must. The last thing you want is finding yourself waking up in a ditch or in a river. Allot time for slumber so you avoid dozing off at the wheel. If you happen to have problems falling asleep for health reasons, don’t be afraid to reach out to a health specialist.
  • Get a clinical check-up routinely – Trucking comes at the expense of many things. Time away from family, waning mental health, efficient means of coping with stress– when it comes to trucking, your health is wealth. Don’t forget that before you invest in anything else, you should be investing in yourself. Note that you should always check in with your physician every now and then to make sure you’re in good health, in both body and mind!
  • Have a travel buddy! Bring your beloved pet around with you on your trip. It will keep you from experiencing feelings of loneliness when you’re on the great wide highways, and will make you feel accompanied and seen. Dogs, particularly, are a great companion on long voyages, as they have the ability to detect discomfort and medical problems if trained accordingly.
  • Tune in to the radio or play your own music. Investing in a stereo system or a speakers in your automobile will keep you sane during particularly long rides. Music can help you maintain your consciousness as well as help you develop your focus.
  • As a trucker, keep your hands off liquor! Developing alcoholism as a truck driver will bring you a lot of hurt down the road. It is also linked to depression and anxiety. Make sure you maintain sobriety and avoid drinking harmful substances, stick to water and healthy juices!
  • Optimizing comfort. As a driver, life is spent primarily out and about. Acknowledge it and attempt to capitalize on it. In the event that you have feelings of resentment, bring them to your handler or the person in charge. Try furnishing your truck with comfortable seats or adding cushions, maybe even have a blanket draped over your shoulders while driving. Try not to let the sensations of stress fester, as sadness or disappointment will follow suit. Think about things in a positive light, if you can– you get to live a life of adventure! Appreciate it however much as could reasonably be expected!

All in all, a trucker lives a harsh life, but it sure is a well paying one. You do have to take note though, what’s the use of all that money if you’re unhappy or sick? Take care of yourself with the tips provided, in your life that is full to the brim with adventure and discovery!

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