Keeping Your Semi Squeaky Clean

When you are a semi- truck driver, you experience more time on the road then being at home. Living inside your house is one thing, but living inside your vehicle especially when it’s a truck things can get a little messy. From candy rappers, coffee spills, and a large number of fast food bags on the floor.

Keeping your truck clean can seem like a lot at times. Sometimes being on the road for a long periods of time, we don’t always think about cleaning up. Cleaning can be forgotten about very quickly. When your life is surrounded by mess things can seem a bit harder. A cleaner space provides a better thinking space, allows for more movement, and always lightness the atmosphere.

Here are a few steps that will help any truck driver dealing with a messy space.

Number one is bulks. Large bulks of any items can take up space. Once your able to clear the larger items out of your way not only do you give yourself more space, but you make the following steps easier to complete.

Next is the shakedown, which is simply taking your mats and removing any debris or bust. This can easily be achieved by adding soap and water. Most importantly do not forget to use an air compressor which will remove any dust or debris stuck inside the truck’s surface areas.

Following that is when it comes to cleaning any motor vehicle would be a great vacuum. This allows for tidy look within your truck.

Lastly after completing each of these steps is an easy wipe down. Germs can be transferred by a simply touch to accidentally coughing on your steering wheel. It’s important to protect your health while on and off the road. Wiping down everything with an disinfectant spray or wipes will keep you healthy. Having a clean workspace is huge with any job, rather if it’s on the road or working behind a desk. A clean work environments speaks a lot about the person’s personality and also shows how much their work means to them.

Keeping a clean space will not only feel better, but will also help you within your work life to your personal life also.

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