Important Facts to Know About The Trucking Industry

It has been seen that most of the economic cost is usually dependent on the trucking system. Still, an average person does not know its benefits and does not understand its effects daily. People living in America are very familiar with instant gratification, but if there is no involvement of the trucks or the grocery stores that do not provide food or produce any, for a few days. Many people need their goods must be shipped. This affects all whether they realize it or not. You can see the anticipated growth projections for the future.

Truckers Drive more than 100,000 Miles Per Year

According to the Federal Highway Administration information, the average motorist drives annually just under 13,500 miles. If it is compared with FMCSA driving limits, has told that the average long-haul trucker usually drives around 3000 miles every week.

In the entire career of the US trucking industry, you may find most of the long-term drivers more than a million miles.

This helps to increase the chances of breakdowns or some other issues which they may find on the road for years which may increase the miles. This is the reason it is important to maintain the vehicle. You need to take good care of your vehicle or truck and this will help you to travel smoothly.

American Success-Due to semi-truck driving:

Air travel results in the thinking of driving trucks as a waning industry. Moreover, there is 5% of America’s GDP comes from only trucking. Surprisingly, with over $700 billion in economic activity in 2017, there is higher revenues of the US trucking industry than the total GDP of Bangladesh, which Is more than that of Ireland.

In the US, there are more than 3.5 million truck drivers. 7.4 million Americans are willing to work in the US trucking industry as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is approximately one in every 15 workers that are employed to some extent.

Delivering in the US:

It is all due to the US trucking industry that there is a bulk of freight shipping in America done. According to the biggest and the most authentic national trade association for the US trucking industry, ATA is known as American Trucking Associations that has been reported by the US trucks that have been moved 10.8 billion tons of freight in 2017. This is 70 percent of the total tonnage transported all the year. It equals to 30 pounds of all the goods for every person in the country.

Efficient and cleaning your vehicle:

You may see that there are big rigs that are inefficient and have a reputation for gas hogs. Still, you may find a vast difference in the US trucking industry for last many years. There are some ways, like aerodynamic devices and other fuel sources, which help the trucking industry improve. These trends are becoming famous and help to contribute to the cleaner and more efficient system.

It has been researched that according to the MMTA, there are new trucks commercial, which reduces the consumption of fuel along with the emissions by around 20% from trucks, which was manufactured back in 2010. You may find a reduction of the sulfur emissions by 97 percent since 1999 by the Diesel truck engines. Since the 1980s, this has been for the emissions of 60 modern-day rigs equal to one truck.

Along with this improvement, you may find an increase in the volume of trucks on the road, which means that they are for almost 14 percent of the country’s annual fuel use. There is still 60% of the US transportation greenhouse gas emissions as per the 2017 EPA report.

Growing future:

In the next upcoming years, it is expected that the US trucking industry will grow rapidly. It will even rise during the period from 2018 to 2023 by 3.4%.

There will be a decline in the malls and brick-and-mortar stores while the online shopping will stitch keep on expanding. Along with this, you may find that the transportation becomes efficient with more warehouses and more trucks moving freight between.

This is the best time now to keep yourself engaged in the US trucking industry. You may see that the employees in this regard will rise. As per the ATA, the drivers are mostly men, and almost 6.2% of drivers are seen as women, while the minorities are 40.6%, which makes up the position of all the drivers.

You may adequately learn about CDLs and the trucking industry and how to keep your vehicle maintained with the help of AF Mobile service. This will, for sure, help you to become a part of the US trucking industry.

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