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How to Prepare Your Diesel Truck For Cold Weather

It’s summertime – the last time anyone wants to think of those cold weather months. Forget about putting snow chains on your tires while you complain about how hot it is outside. We understand. We’re summer fans, too. But if you don’t start thinking about the winter months, you’re missing a prime opportunity to set yourself up ahead of time.

Let’s not forget, winter weather is especially hazardous for diesel trucks. These are not the speediest vehicles on the road, after all. One good blizzard, while you’re driving, can seriously impair your ability to navigate. But if you make sure a few systems are functioning well, you can avoid most cold weather-related incidents. Here’s our rundown of what you need to be giving special treatment to.

1) Tires

Your tires are the first part of your truck you need to work on. Tires are like the feet of the entire system – it’s pretty difficult to get anywhere without them. You have to make sure they aren[‘t worn out or you won’t get very far in icy weather. As you get closer to the winter months, make sure they have enough air pressure. Weather can have a big impact on air pressure in tires. And be sure to have snow chains on hand if the need arises.

2) Windshields and wipers

Windshield wipers are often forgotten about. They’re not very exciting and you usually won’t realize there is a problem until it’s too late. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have fresh wipers that can repel the elements from your windshield. Imagine driving down the road and, instead of wiping away the snow and road salt from your windshield, the dull blades make the windshield even worse. Top off the fluid as well so that your windshield is one you can actually see out of!

3) Fuel

The danger with diesel fuel is that if the temperatures are low enough, it will freeze and be rendered useless. For those times where you’re not able to store your diesel truck in a warm location, make sure to have an anti-gel additive that you can pour in to prevent your fuel from turning into wax as it freezes.

4) Cooling system

This is another area where freezing can happen. The fluids in the cooling system can freeze and disrupt the operations of the system. Avoid this by making sure every part of it is in good shape. While you want to do this during the cold weather months, it’s good to add this to your checklist now before it becomes a problem.

5) Batteries

Finally, we have the diesel truck’s battery. These power sources are very sensitive to cold. If you want to make sure your battery will last, it’s time to check it now. Have a technician run tests to make sure it’s operating well and do any necessary replacements ahead of time.

These are just a few of the important boxes you want to have on your winter maintenance checklist. By thinking about these things in summer instead of waiting until winter, you can save money and handle the icy roads like a pro.

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