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How Often Do You Need to Have Your Diesel Truck Inspected?

One of the worst events for any diesel truck driver is finding out that they need a repair while they’re on the road. An issue that might be minor for a smaller vehicle is a big problem for a diesel truck. You have to find a place to pull over and enlist the help of someone who can fix the specialty issues that a standard garage can’t handle, preferably on the spot. You’re probably hulling goods that need to arrive at a location by a certain time. Even a simple faulty headlight can be a nightmare.

There is an obvious way to avoid this headache, though. It just requires a little planning. Getting your truck inspected regularly is essential for avoiding these mid-journey problems. A trained and experienced technician can tell you what’s in danger of breaking down and make the necessary repairs. And an exceptional technician will do the diagnosis and repairs right on-site, rather than having you drive the truck to them.

Even if you already knew this important fact, you might still have unresolved questions. How often does your truck need to get inspected to hit that sweet spot where potential damage can be caught (without having someone work on your truck once a week)? And what are the most important problem areas every technician should have their eye on? We’re here to break it down for you so you can always stay on track.

How often should my technician be coming out?

Let’s tackle how well you need to know your repairman. The best recommendation is to get maintenance services on your diesel truck twice a year, or every 6 months. Not only does this help prevent future breakdowns, but it also keeps your truck in top working order. If you’re looking for the absolute bare minimum time, you really shouldn’t go beyond a year without getting the truck checked out. But when you wait this long, you’re testing fate.

Think about it. Diesel trucks are complicated machines so it makes sense that there is a lot of potentials for problems to happen. The longer you wait, the bigger your risk of not catching an issue. The most common complaint we hear from people who disagree with coming in that often is that it’s too expensive. They don’t want to spend the money. But when you consider that frequent maintenance not only prevents expensive breakdowns but also increases the longevity of the truck, it may actually save you money in the long run. Because you know what else is expensive? Diesel trucks.

What should the technician be looking out for?

For every maintenance check, there are a few key things your technician should be checked upon. The first is whether your oil needs to be changed. Without good oil, you can’t expect the different elements of your truck to function properly. You also want them to do a thorough check of your engine and brakes, make sure all fluids are filled and test your refrigeration unit for those who have one. By hitting all of the parts of your truck that allow it to run, you can ensure you’ll get to your destination safely and on schedule.

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